After moving into a slightly smaller shop, I needed to find space for all of my tools. I looked at rolling tool boxes and chests, but I wasn't happy with the build quality of "affordable" units, nor with the price of "quality" units. I eventually decided the best use of space and money would be to replace one of my workbenches with something with drawers. I started drawing up the plans, eventually settling on a 9-drawer bench with five drawers on one side and four slightly deeper ones on the other side. This workbench is the result.


I have purposefully left out most of the fasteners and joinery details, anticipating that anyone who decides to build this bench will use whatever joinery they are most comfortable with anyway. I used mainly butt joints reinforced with furring strips for the bench itself and rabbet joints for the drawers.



Other documentation

2D rendering of the bench assembly:

thumbs/workbench_render_front_thumb.png thumbs/workbench_render_tri_thumb.png

Building It

This is not really a step-by-step guide, but it shows most of the major operations. The pictures should be self-explanatory. Building this workbench took a fair amount of time, especially the drawers. Fitting the drawers into the frame for the first time is much, much easier as a two person job. Basically everything else can be done by one person.

Cutting the drawer bottoms

thumbs/workbench_001_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_002_thumb.jpg

Cutting the drawer sides

thumbs/workbench_003_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_005_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_006_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_007_thumb.jpg

Drawer bottoms and sides stacked up

thumbs/workbench_008_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_009_thumb.jpg

Rabbeting the drawer sides

thumbs/workbench_010_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_011_thumb.jpg

Assembling the drawers

thumbs/workbench_012_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_013_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_014_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_015_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_018_thumb.jpg

Slides attached to the drawers. These are 100 lb. drawer slides made by TCH. See the parts list for more details.

thumbs/workbench_019_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_020_thumb.jpg

Attaching the slides to the bench sides

thumbs/workbench_021_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_022_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_023_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_024_thumb.jpg

Assembling the bench. This was by far the trickiest part of the build. I highly recommend building up the workbench with the drawers in situ, as it is very difficult the perfectly align everything from just the measurements. It helps to have a second person for this job. I began by attaching the left side to the back. I then installed the top and bottom drawers, using them to place the center divider. From there, I installed two more drawers on the right half of the bench, using them to place the right side. With the left, center, and right sides placed and the drawers installed to hold the proper alignment, I attached the front crossbraces. From there, the assembly was pretty much routine.

thumbs/workbench_025_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_026_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_027_thumb.jpg

Attaching furring strips for the top

thumbs/workbench_028_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_029_thumb.jpg

Attaching the top. I countersunk the screws and filled the holes with wood putty. This leaves a smooth surface and prevents protruding screw heads from scratching workpieces (a problem with my old bench).

thumbs/workbench_032_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_031_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_033_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_034_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_035_thumb.jpg

Top finished in a few coats of clear polyurethane varnish.

thumbs/workbench_036_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_039_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_038_thumb.jpg

Handles installed. These extremely basic handles are made from 1" oak dowels and 1.5" corner braces. Functional, but not the prettiest.

thumbs/workbench_040_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_041_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_043_thumb.jpg

The Finished Workbench

All done. The workbench had been in use for about a month by the time I took these pictures. It has proven to be very sturdy and can hold quite a few tools and other shop items. All in, I like it a lot!

thumbs/workbench_044_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_047_thumb.jpg thumbs/workbench_048_thumb.jpg