Wine bottle stands


Wine bottle stands are easy to make and have a high "cool factor." Therefore, they make great gifts. Although I have built many of these over the years, I only actually own two at the time of this writing -- and they both were gifts!


Below is the plan I use for making these stands. The only measurements that are actually important are the base angle and the location of the hole -- everything else is just aesthetic. Completed stands should balance everything from a beer bottle to a long reisling bottle.

thumbs/winebottlestands_render1_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_render2_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_render3_thumb.jpg


Pick some pieces of scrap, make sure they're large enough, and joint an edge.

thumbs/winebottlestands_004_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_011_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_010_thumb.jpg

We'll have to avoid that crack.

thumbs/winebottlestands_012_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_013_thumb.jpg

Trim it on the bandsaw, then joint the edge again.

thumbs/winebottlestands_014_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_015_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_016_thumb.jpg

While I'm at it, I think I can get two stands out of that other piece.

thumbs/winebottlestands_017_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_018_thumb.jpg

Cut the base angle on the tablesaw. Note the piece of plywood used as a backing -- this prevents chipping.

thumbs/winebottlestands_001_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_021_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_020_thumb.jpg

Cut to shape on the bandsaw.

thumbs/winebottlestands_022_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_025_thumb.jpg

Smooth out the shape on the oscillating belt sander.

thumbs/winebottlestands_026_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_028_thumb.jpg

Mark and drill the hole for the wine bottle neck.

thumbs/winebottlestands_032_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_033_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_034_thumb.jpg

Might as well test them out before going any further. As expected, they balanced everything I threw at them.

thumbs/winebottlestands_036_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_037_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_038_thumb.jpg

Sand them out and mount them for finishing.

thumbs/winebottlestands_039_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_040_thumb.jpg

Spray a few coats of varnish.

thumbs/winebottlestands_042_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_043_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_044_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_045_thumb.jpg


The completed stands. By the time I got around to taking pictures of the finished stands, one had already been given away. They go fast!

thumbs/winebottlestands_048_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_049_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_051_thumb.jpg

More stands

Here is another batch of five I made a while ago. These were given out as Christmas presents. The red stand on the left is made from padauk and was received as a gift. Note how the bottle balances more horizontal than my stands -- it cannot balance longer bottles. The rest of the stands are maple and were shot with tinted lacquer.

thumbs/winebottlestands_055_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_056_thumb.jpg thumbs/winebottlestands_054_thumb.jpg

Even more stands

This is a batch of cherry stands. They were unfinished at the time I took this photo, but I later finished them in semi-gloss polyurethane. There is also a mahogany stand of slightly different design hiding in the background.