Dumbbell rack/weight stand


I needed a place to store my weights out of the way and keep them organized. I looked at some commercial weight stands, but nothing really fit my needs. The "nice" ones were overpriced and either too big or too small, while the cheap ones were rickety and still more expensive than the stands I ended up building. After seeing an image on the net of something similar, I decided to design and build my own stands.

Dumbbell Rack

thumbs/dumbbell_rack_front_thumb.jpg thumbs/dumbbell_rack_iso_thumb.jpg thumbs/dumbbell_rack_side_thumb.jpg

Barbell Rack

thumbs/dumbbell_rack_weight_stand_right_thumb.jpg thumbs/dumbbell_rack_weight_stand_iso_thumb.jpg thumbs/dumbbell_rack_weight_stand_back_thumb.jpg


The stands below are made entirely from 2x4s, except for the plywood cross brace on the barbell stand. That piece could have been two 2x4s instead, but I used what I had in my scrap pile. The racks are screwed together with 3" self-piloting wood screws and glued with wood glue. They have held-up for a couple years already, and treated appropriately, I expect them to continue working for a long time. However, if I need to replace/rebuild them in the future, it will be easy and cheap due to the simple construction and readily available materials.

thumbs/dumbbell_stand_04_thumb.jpg thumbs/dumbbell_stand_05_thumb.jpg thumbs/dumbbell_stand_01_thumb.jpg thumbs/dumbbell_stand_02_thumb.jpg thumbs/dumbbell_stand_03_thumb.jpg

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