Switch boxes, splitters, and passthrough


These are just a couple of basic switch boxes. They aren't glamorous, but they're very useful.

Stereo A/B box

This is just a basic stereo AB with LED indicators. It can also be used as an external true bypass box or a loop selector. I'm not actually using this in my rig right now, as its function has been replaced by my improved channel/fx loop switcher.

thumbs/switch_boxes_ab_box1_thumb.jpg thumbs/switch_boxes_ab_box2_thumb.jpg thumbs/switch_boxes_ab_box_sch_thumb.jpg

Boss FS-6 workalike

I use this to control some extra functions on my Boss RC-2 (a very, very cool piece of gear!). The FS-6 costs about $50. My workalike came in well under $20. Note that I haven't implemented the FS-6's full functionality (the FS-6 allows selection of latching or momentary NC or NO switching actions). I only implemented what I actually needed, which is two momentary NC switches hooked up to a stereo jack.

thumbs/switch_boxes_fs1_thumb.jpg thumbs/switch_boxes_fs2_thumb.jpg

Splitters and passthrough

I use the passthrough to connect my pedalboard to the outside world. It lets me run all the connections from one convenient spot. I use one of the splitters to split my clean signal, distort one side, then recombine them using the mixer. The other splitter is currently a spare. All of the boxes have velcro mounted on the bottom for use on my pedalboard.

thumbs/switch_boxes_003_thumb.jpg thumbs/switch_boxes_001_thumb.jpg thumbs/switch_boxes_005_thumb.jpg thumbs/switch_boxes_004_thumb.jpg

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