Hario siphon stand


I friend of mine gave me a Hario siphon coffee brewer -- well, most of one, anyway. He had lost the stand for it, making it basically useless. I sweated a basic stand together with copper pipe, but I got stuck when it came to actually holding the neck of the brewer. I considered various lab clamps, but never really found what I needed. Finally I realized this was a perfect opportunity to test out my new golden hammer: 3D printing.


Below is a 2D rendering of the stand assembly with brewer. This model was constructed to ensure all the parts would fit together like I wanted.

thumbs/siphon_stand_front_thumb.jpg thumbs/siphon_stand_iso_thumb.jpg thumbs/siphon_stand_right_thumb.jpg


I had the model printed by Shapeways. The material is alumide, which has much better high temperature performance than standard Nylon. The pictures below are of my first brew with the siphon. It came out pretty well!

thumbs/siphon_stand_1_thumb.jpg thumbs/siphon_stand_2_thumb.jpg thumbs/siphon_stand_3_thumb.jpg

For any interesed Hario siphon owners, the neck holder can be purchased at the following link: http://shpws.me/vdUO

e-mail: jason@jasonwolley.com