Mahogany side table


This is a small table I built out of mahogany to put near my front door and hold keys and such. It is narrow enough to stay out of the way, but fairly tall. I built a similar table from scrapwood as a prototype, and that one is now sitting by the back door.


While not incredibly detailed, these plans should be good enough for anyone that wants to build a similar table.


Building It

Setting the tablesaw to cut the outsides of the tabletop.

thumbs/sidetable_001_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_004_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_005_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_006_thumb.jpg

Assembling the tabletop.

thumbs/sidetable_008_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_011_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_012_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_013_thumb.jpg

Making the legs.

thumbs/sidetable_015_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_016_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_021_thumb.jpg

Assembling the table.

thumbs/sidetable_025_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_017_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_023_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_024_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_027_thumb.jpg


thumbs/sidetable_030_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_032_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_033_thumb.jpg

The Finished Table

Here is the finished table, along with a couple pictures of the prototype I built first.

thumbs/sidetable_039_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_040_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_041_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_045_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_046_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_049_thumb.jpg thumbs/sidetable_050_thumb.jpg