Mahogany RG-style body


This is where it all started -- my first "from scratch" guitar body. I built this because I couldn't find a high-quality, fixed bridge Ibanez RG with an original Wizard neck. At the time, that was my dream guitar, and since I couldn't buy one, I decided to build it.


I copied my RG520 to get the body shape.

thumbs/rg_body_003_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_006_thumb.jpg


Building the body

The blank was purchased from Gallery Hardwoods.

thumbs/rg_body_004_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_005_thumb.jpg

I ran into some trouble early on. I was a little too agressive with the router, and I didn't listen when the wood was telling me to cool it. Luckily, the router I had at the time wasn't powerful enough to take a serious chunk out of the guitar. I fixed these little tear-outs without too much trouble.

thumbs/rg_body_010_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_015_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_017_thumb.jpg

Body ready for paint.

thumbs/rg_body_019_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_027_thumb.jpg

Some of the hardware. I'm still quite proud of the steel control cavity cover held on by magnets, as well as the machined brass string retainer. I eventually replaced the Corian nut with a Delrin one.

thumbs/rg_body_024_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_021_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_025_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_020_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_002_thumb.jpg

Buffing the finish

thumbs/rg_body_028_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_029_thumb.jpg

Test fit

thumbs/rg_body_052_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_055_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_058_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_062_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_064_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_073_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_061_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_065_thumb.jpg


I finished this guitar in 2006, and it has been my main go-to guitar ever since. While my more recent builds have surpassed it in outright build quality, there is something unbeatable about a solid piece of mahogany with a Wizard neck and two DiMarzio humbuckers. It just rocks.

thumbs/rg_body_047_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_038_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_034_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_035_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_036_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_043_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_046_thumb.jpg thumbs/rg_body_051_thumb.jpg