Building a pedalboard seems to be almost a rite of passage for guitarists that have any interest in woodworking. My attempt is a classic wedge-style pedalboard. I built it with spaced slats to allow wiring under the pedals, and the dimensions of the board were worked out to allow me to keep the power supply on the bottom. Additionally, I included two shelfs on either side for my wah and volume pedals, as I don't like the feel of rocker pedals on an inclined surface. The board is made from oak I had laying around the shop and dimensioned "whitewood," which I had to buy when I ran out of oak. The pedals are held on with velcro.

Building the pedalboard

Cutting the top and sides from oak scrap

thumbs/pedalboard_034_thumb.jpg thumbs/pedalboard_030_thumb.jpg thumbs/pedalboard_019_thumb.jpg

Installing the top

thumbs/pedalboard_003_thumb.jpg thumbs/pedalboard_004_thumb.jpg thumbs/pedalboard_022_thumb.jpg

Installing the bottom, feet, and handle

thumbs/pedalboard_011_thumb.jpg thumbs/pedalboard_012_thumb.jpg thumbs/pedalboard_014_thumb.jpg thumbs/pedalboard_013_thumb.jpg thumbs/pedalboard_018_thumb.jpg


thumbs/pedalboard_024_thumb.jpg thumbs/pedalboard_029_thumb.jpg thumbs/pedalboard_044_thumb.jpg thumbs/pedalboard_032_thumb.jpg


thumbs/pedalboard_020_thumb.jpg thumbs/pedalboard_040_thumb.jpg thumbs/pedalboard_007_thumb.jpg thumbs/pedalboard_017_thumb.jpg


thumbs/pedalboard_026_thumb.jpg thumbs/pedalboard_001_thumb.jpg thumbs/pedalboard_033_thumb.jpg

On the board: