Yamaha replacement neck


I liked the feel of the neck on my Yamaha Pacifica, but I was always having problems with buzzing on certain frets. Although I could have fixed the original neck, I felt this was a good opportunity to try building one from scratch. This neck went through two iterations. The first one had a Pacifica-shaped headstock and a compound-radius fingerboard. Later, I reshaped the headstock, removed the fingerboard radius, added a zero fret, and refretted it with stainless steel fretwire.


Test neck

The first thing I did was build a test neck. Then I cut it into pieces to check the clearances.

thumbs/pacifica_neck_015_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_014_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_016_thumb.jpg

Building the neck

Neck and fingerboard blanks

thumbs/pacifica_neck_003_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_004_thumb.jpg

Routing the truss rod channel

thumbs/pacifica_neck_005_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_006_thumb.jpg

Cutting out and routing to shape

thumbs/pacifica_neck_009_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_012_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_001_thumb.jpg


thumbs/pacifica_neck_007_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_017_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_018_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_021_thumb.jpg

Gluing on the fretboard

thumbs/pacifica_neck_023_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_024_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_025_thumb.jpg

Installing the side dots

thumbs/pacifica_neck_026_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_027_thumb.jpg

Cutting the taper with my Safe-T-Planer

thumbs/pacifica_neck_028_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_030_thumb.jpg

Carving the neck

thumbs/pacifica_neck_032_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_033_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_035_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_036_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_037_thumb.jpg


thumbs/pacifica_neck_041_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_042_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_043_thumb.jpg

First iteration completed

This is how the neck stayed for about 2 years. I was fairly happy with it, but I eventually got the urge to try something new.

thumbs/pacifica_neck_048_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_046_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_044_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_050_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_051_thumb.jpg

Second iteration completed

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the work in progress. I reshaped the headstock, flattened the fingerboard radius, added a zero fret, installed stainless steel fretwire, and refinished the neck in semi-gloss polyurethane.

thumbs/pacifica_neck_058_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_054_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_087_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_059_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_061_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_062_thumb.jpg thumbs/pacifica_neck_064_thumb.jpg

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