Chute for Compak K10


The Compak K10 is a popular choice for home baristas seeking the grind quality of a large conical burr set without the price tag of a Mazzer Robur. It's a pretty good grinder overall, but it was not designed with home use in mind. I prefer to weigh out my coffee for each shot prior to grinding (aka "single dosing"), and the K10 makes that a little difficult due to grind retention in the chute.

The solution is to sweep out the chute with a small brush, and many home baristas have modified their K10's chutes to allow easier brush access. I was looking for a way to ease into 3D printing, so I decided to go a step further and design my own chute with the goal of reducing clumping and retention in addition to allowing for easier sweeping.



I had the model printed by Shapeways. Below are pictures of the new chute installed on the K10, along with the modified original chute it replaced.

thumbs/k10_chute_thumb.jpg thumbs/k10_chute_close_thumb.jpg thumbs/k10_chute_old_thumb.jpg

For any interesed K10 owners, this part can be purchased at the following link: