Miscellaneous guitar projects


This page is a catch-all for guitar projects aren't complex enough to warrant their own pages.

Epiphone Rock Bass defret

The was one of my earliest luthery-related projects. In technical terms, the project was a great success -- I started with a decent fretted bass and ended up with a fantastic fretless. Unfortunately, I discovered I didn't really like playing fretless. I added a Musicman-style pickup, but it wasn't enough to keep my interest, and I eventually sold it.

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Ibanez RG321 refinish

My first attempt at refinishing a guitar was not a great success. It looked ok from a few feet away, but the flaws were readily apparent to anyone that took more than a cursory glance. I learned one of my most enduring woodworking lessons from this project: finishing is hard! I eventually re-refinished this guitar and gave it to a friend.

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After I saw Les Claypool's instrument of the same name, I just had to have my own. Only took a few hours to put it together from a piece of aluminum tubing and parts I had laying around the shop.

thumbs/guitar_misc_007_thumb.jpg thumbs/guitar_misc_046_thumb.jpg thumbs/guitar_misc_047_thumb.jpg thumbs/guitar_misc_048_thumb.jpg thumbs/guitar_misc_049_thumb.jpg thumbs/guitar_misc_050_thumb.jpg thumbs/guitar_misc_051_thumb.jpg thumbs/guitar_misc_052_thumb.jpg thumbs/guitar_misc_053_thumb.jpg thumbs/guitar_misc_054_thumb.jpg thumbs/guitar_misc_056_thumb.jpg thumbs/guitar_misc_058_thumb.jpg

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