Eros loudspeakers


The Eros are an original design by Wayne Jaeschke. His website,, is a good resource for D.I.Y. speaker builders, and contains full descriptions of a number of designs. Since the Eros are already detailed on his website, I will not be providing any plans, drawings or other construction information on this page.


thumbs/eros_d2905_thumb.jpg thumbs/eros_pl18_thumb.jpg
The Eros use a Scan-Speak D2905/9500 and a Vifa PL18 woofer.



The crossover is first order (electrical) on the woofers and second order (electrical) on the tweeters. This results in roughly second and fourth order acoustic slopes, respectively. The crossover point is around 1750Hz. This crossover is the result of extensive computer modeling and prototyping, and the results of all this hard work are truely impressive. The mixed order slopes provide excellent phase tracking while retaining almost ruler-flat frequency response. Dispersion is also quite good, thanks to the low crossover point and the remarkable capabilities of the Scan-Speak tweeter.


thumbs/eros_cab2_thumb.jpg thumbs/eros_cab1_thumb.jpg

The cabinet has a volume of about 1.64 ft^3, and is tuned to 38Hz with a 3"x3 3/8" port. This gives satisfactory in-room response well into the mid 30Hz range. The exclosure is extremely solid, with heavy internal bracing and a full two-inch thick baffle.


So, how do they sound? Read my full review at audioDIYcentral.