Crybaby sweep range mod revisited


Several years ago I modified my Dunlop GCB-95 Crybaby wah pedal to add a second sweep range. The modification turned out pretty well, but I've been wanting more versatility lately. If two sweep ranges are better than one, then six should be even better than two, right? I figured I might as well make a few other changes while I had the wah open again, too.

I based my changes on the modifications described at General Guitar Gadgets (note: the page describing wah modifications has disappeared as of March 2011).

Original schematic


Crybaby Schematic

Note that there are multiple versions of the Crybaby circuit. My wah uses a 3 transistor circuit that adds an input buffer to the schematic shown above, but the rest of the circuit is the same.



Below are pictures of what the wah looks like now:

thumbs/crybabyrevisited_sw1_thumb.jpg thumbs/crybabyrevisited_sw2_thumb.jpg thumbs/crybabyrevisited_inside_thumb.jpg thumbs/crybabyrevisited_outside_thumb.jpg

Overall this was a worthwhile experiment. I like all the adjustability it offers, even if some of the controls are interactive and not overly intuitive. I can easily go from a very funky 70's style clean wah sound to a deep, a saturated heavy metal sound, and just about anything in between.