Boost pedal


This is a boost pedal I built from a kit offered by General Guitar Gadgets. It's basically a copy of the venerable MXR Microamp. Just a simple, clean boost. I use it to give a little extra kick for solos or to bring up the levels of the split humbucker positions on my guitar.


The completed circuit board. GGG's board are very nice dual layer boards with plated-though holes, solder mask, and silkscreened component labels. They go together very quickly. This took about 15 minutes.


Everything's wired up. As usual the offboard wiring takes much more time than the circuit board itself. I also had to drill the enclosure, which is easy, but laying everything out takes a little time and thought.



The completed pedal. I didn't paint it, but I doesn't matter because the chassis is aluminum. I suppose some (most?) folks would say it's boring or unfinished looking, but I'm ok with it. I'm into functionality, not decoration.